v.1 v.2 v.3 Title Year Function Description
Websitesite 2020- Archive A site to archive websites I made
Name in the Middle 2020 Template A code sample to make any text centered
Blinking Five 2020 Joke A 5-second countdown animation made with CSS that failed
Call Me Good Night 2020 Phone A way to call Jisu good night
Screenshot Your Fortune 2020 Fortune teller A fortune telling mechanism with fortunes written in her writing workshop
Pale Blue Dot 2020 Color comparison A list of HTML color names that end with 'blue' layered on a photograph of the Earth called 'Pale Blue Dot' taken by Voyager 1
Cooking Verbs 2020 Generator A randomly generated assortments of adverbs and verbs from cook books
Doable List 2020- Campaign A platform to motivate people to think and write about their bucket lists
Opening Lines 2020- Archive A index of opening lines of books I own
Don't Forget to Take a Selfie with Your Herbs 2020- Campaign An experiment to archive a specific content, in this case selfies with with herbs without using SNS
Dual View 2020 Interface A website made to be browsed on ipad by two people facing each other
Web Quilts 2020 Sketchbook A quilt to practice using div
Archive of Citrus Painting 2020- Cloud A storage to save images outside of a local folder
Misspell 2020- Search engine A search engine to lookup the words I misspell almost everytime
POYC 2021 Joke A random generator of words that starts with POYC which was a former name of CIR
Why Code 2021- Answering machine An answering machine to a repetitive question, 'Why did you learn to code?'
Welcome Back Sohyeon 2021 Banner A banner to welcome Sohyeon whenever she visits Seoul
For the New Drivers 2022 Signage A print station for myself and other new drivers
Special Characters 2022 Bulletin board An online clipboard to minimize the inconvinience of looking up and copying special characters
Most Recent Jisu 2022- SNS A personal platform to break and recategorize the linear and chronological timeline (Commissioned by National Hangul Museum)
Reading Log―In Search of Lost Time 2022- Tracker A tracker to fisnish reading 6 volumes long book, In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust as part of achieving Doable List
Jisu's Expanding Bookcase 2023- Index An index of the books I own
Birds' Language 2023 Random generator A text generator of bird sounds in different languages
Apple Log 2023- Tracker An application to keep track of daily apple consumption
Websitesite Features 2023- Webzine A spread of webpage that features good websites compiled by Jisu
Birdcall 2023 Introduction An official website of Jisu's studio named 'Birdcall' (Commissioned by Asia Culture Center) 2023 Resume A document that summerizes Jisu's past, current, future activities 2023- Cloud A storage to save images outside of a local folder
The School of the Art Institute of Websitesite 2023- Institution A computer language school for beginners

Last updated May 4, 2023