v.1 v.2 v.3 Title Year Category Description
Websitesite 2020- Tool A site to archive websites I made
Name in the Middle 2020 Tool A code sample to make any text centered
Blinking Five 2020 Joke A 5-second countdown animation made with CSS that failed
Call Me Good Night 2020 Tool A way to call Jisu good night
Screenshot Your Fortune 2020 Tool A fortune telling mechanism with fortunes written in her writing workshop
Pale Blue Dot 2020 Tool A list of HTML color names that end with 'blue' layered on a photograph of the Earth called 'Pale Blue Dot' taken by Voyager 1
Cooking Verbs 2020 Tool A randomly generated assortments of adverbs and verbs from cook books
Doable List 2020- Campaign A platform to motivate people to think and write about their bucket lists
Opening Lines 2020- Archive A index of opening lines of books I own
Don't Forget to Take a Selfie with Your Herbs 2020- Campaign An experiment to archive a specific content, in this case selfies with with herbs without using SNS
Dual View 2020 Tool A website made to be browsed on ipad by two people facing each other
Web Quilts 2020 Tool A quilt to practice using div
Archive of Citrus Painting 2020- Cloud A storage to save images outside of a local folder
Misspell 2020- Tool A search engine to lookup the words I misspell almost everytime
POYC 2021 Joke A random generator of words that starts with POYC which was a former name of CIR
Why Code 2021- Tool An answering machine to a repetitive question, 'Why did you learn to code?'
Welcome Back Sohyeon 2021 Tool A banner to welcome Sohyeon whenever she visits Seoul
For the New Drivers 2022 Tool A print station for myself and other new drivers
Special Characters 2022 Tool An online clipboard to minimize the inconvinience of looking up and copying special characters
Most Recent Jisu 2022- SNS A personal platform to break and recategorize the linear and chronological timeline
Reading Log―In Search of Lost Time 2022- Tool A tracker to fisnish reading 6 volumes long book, In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust as part of achieving Doable List
Jisu's Expanding Bookcase 2023- Tool An index of the books I own
Birdcall 2023- Tool A text generator of bird sounds in different languages
Apple Log 2023- Tracker An application to keep track of daily apple consumption